Three weeks of intense boot camp training for youth were part of a Zavod Ypsilon #MadeWithY project to raise and empower young professionals on their way to long-term employment. December summary: 3 cities, 1 group per week with 5 working days and 60 hours of training, 2 trainers; this unique training experience challenged everyone involved. I am always honored and inspired when having a privilege of sharing everything I can with young participants, especially my latest field experience and success stories in career and personal development. However, being a trainer also poses unique challenges. Firstly, one needs to be constantly aware that training is not about oneself and how good one might be as a trainer; it is about the participants and the value you provide to themselves and their lives during the training process. Secondly, one needs to be prepared for different reactions that one might witness; the deeper and more intense the training, the more painful or emotional the reactions can be. Our responsibility as trainers is to hold a safe space for the participants to be able to reach new insights and breakthroughs. Being a trainer is not an easy, but most certainly an amazing life mission.