At the Ypsilon Institute, we have been working with several experienced moderators, who have led numerous professional workshops for the youth. However, working with Matej Delakorda has proved to be the best experience so far. Not only for the Ypsilon Institute as programme organizer, but especially for the participants in terms of their inclusion into the activities and their empowerment on the way towards a successful completion of the programmes. Matej is an exceptionally skilled and experienced event facilitator with radiant charisma and goal-oriented approach. Focused on building and leading any group to success by implementing innovative and dynamic methods, working with Matej is a definite guarantee for the ultimate success of your professional and business workshops.
Anamarija Meglič

Advisor to the Management Board, The Ypsilon Institute

Organizing business events, I prefer to work with event moderators I can rely on. They should not be boring, however, but surprise me with their creative ideas. They should be witty, but still maintain a high level of communication. They should be well-prepared for the event, but not be thrown by unexpected developments; they should be able to improvise instead. I have found all this in Matej; furthermore, he is always ready to listen to suggestions and include them into the course of his hosting. I recommend him to anyone who wishes to go beyond the grey average and enthuse with their events!
Nika Močnik

CEO, Eventnika

Working with Matej is always a great experience. He is dedicated to everything he does and incredibly creative. I appreciate his professionalism and engagement.
Jana Colnar, mag.

Territory managing partner, consultant, Grow Adriatik d.o.o., Krauthammer associated partner

Abanka’s aim was to create a dynamic, fresh and memorable event for the customers. Mr. Matej Delakorda was engaging, charismatic and very interactive with the audience. He was professionally prepared and facilitated the event in a highly impactful way.
Marketing Dept.


Matej conducted series of leadership&communication workshops in our company. It was a pleasure working with him because of the many skills he possesses. I would especially like to recommend him due to his cooperative attitude. He was willing to include us in all the phases of content preparation. After every workshop, he was open to feedback and prepared for the next one with taking feedback into account and therefore improve our experience.

Janja Hren

Education&Training Manager, Cosylab d.d.

I love to work with Matej, as he is an extremely emphatic person and a very resourceful and supportive trainer. It is interesting to discover new topics with him as he can easily connect theory with practice.
Julija Šifrer

Trainer and Coach, Grow Adriatik

Matej is an exceptional event facilitator: he has certainly been blessed with the talent. He approaches event facilitation with sincere interest and in a holistic manner. Working with him, the organizer can see him co-create the event. This is not only due to his excellent and professional preparation: he is also quick on his feet at the event itself, making spontaneous occurrences part of the programme. He does all this with ample positive energy, which reaches out to the participants. Highly recommended!
Anisa Faganelj

head of the Zlata nit (Golden Thread) media research project, Dnevnik & Mediade

As Manager of the International Division here in London, I can truly vouch for the extraordinary amount of Training and Development that you have had and participated in with Landmark. I know how much you have provided for others in your training and for the extraordinary Leadership and Contribution you have brought to others both in Slovenia and in other countries, and I thank you for your generosity. You are and will undoubtedly be an extraordinary asset to any company that either employs you or that you choose to work with.
Jeremy Hull

International Division, Manager, Landmark Worldwide

Working with Matej was a pleasure. He is always prepared, punctual and professional. His creative energy inspires, so it’s great having him on a team!
Nina Dušič Hren

CEO, Dober Stik

This was our first collaboration with Matej in the role of event facilitator, and we are extremely pleased.  He was professionally prepared, taking our proposals into consideration and hosting our HR development conference in accordance with our wishes and expectations. In the participant satisfaction survey, he received nothing but praise for his conference hosting. His relaxed and content-appropriate manner contributed to the success of the conference. The collaboration with Matej was pleasant, quick and easy from the client perspective.
ASI Project Group

Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia

Matej Delakorda has something else. All of us know how it feels on a good day – everything goes smoothly, we know exactly what to say, to whom and in what tone, we are sharp, quick, funny, engaging, we own the room. Yes – and that is a rarity, right. But with Matej – that is what he delivers each time on stage, no exceptions. You can count on that. In complex situations with multiple tasks over long periods, he will maintain the energy level. When powerful authorities are involved on stage, like established world renown speakers or billionaires sharing their experiences, he will shine with warm confidence and well-balanced respect at the same time. In very simple situations he will fill the stage and create an experience in incredible ways. I have been working with Matej on a regular basis for more than a year, delivering at least one event every week. He really has that something else, besides all the needed skills and expertise.
Eldina Domazet

Communication Manager, CEED Slovenija