Team and group Facilitation

As I facilitator, I support group and teams to collectively move through a process. Group facilitation is centered around leading processes and creating participation while staying neutral.

Group or team facilitatiosn can be used to different purposes:

  • Idea development, brainstorming for the new vision and future
  • Strengthening group connections better collaboration
  • Collective learning through experience sharing
  • Opening the diffucult discussions and aim to heal and complete them.
  • Recognition of individual highest potential and what unique strenght they bring to the team.


Skills and attitudes that I would like to bring to your team:


  • Confidence and compassion to work well with groups
  • Ability to harness the wisdom of the group, maximizing participation
  • Capacity to create groupness and psychological safety
  • Emotional resilience to address the problematic discussions
  • Skills to make meetings work well
  • Ability to manage hotspots and tricky bits

Good facilitation helps a group achieve its purpose by hearing each other, coming to understandings, pooling its wisdom and making wise decisions.

What can I offer:

Set up the physical and psychological a safe
space for the discussion

Prepare inspiring questions and structure for the process

Guide the communication process for new insights to emerge

Set a framework to harvest key insights from the discussion

Group dialogue as new leadership paradigm

Group discussions and dialogues are also an excellent way to practice new leadership paradigms – being a host, rather than a leader who knows and provides all the answers. A good leader finds a purpose to connect people, invites those who could contribute and benefit from the discussion, creates a welcoming space, and then joins the conversation. It is a way to practice the “hero to host” shift.

If you are looking for ways to support your group processes and see value in doing so, feel free to contact me.