Engaging and enlivened event facilitation

I would like to support you to transfrom your event or conference into a dynamic, interactive and rich experience, which:


  • brings our content richness and authenticity from the speakers
  • engages audience and brings them closer together as a community
  • inspires and capitalizes on future possibilities in your field
  • promotes a relaxed vibe and fun
  • and it is has a different experience from the “classical” events and conferences

How can I bring added value to your event?

  • I  co-design the whole event experience with you.
  • Together we find  innovative ways to transform a traditional top-down event into an interactive gathering of engaged people
  • Our mutal aim engage the audiance beyond just the Q&A sessions. We find a way to create a safe space for the participants to authentically feel to contribute their experience, stories and insights.

It is never just about the facilitator, although it can help a lot.

What can I offer:

Live, online or hyrbrid event facilitation

Event co-creation and co-design

Charismatic and lively facilitation of the event

Harvest / summaries of the event

Your event as an experiental journey for the participants

My specialties are engaging events, where we put audience as an active participant of the process. Events where we dare to push ourselves outside comfort zones and challenge the participants to joins us in the new learning context. From this new context we also take the time to plan next concrete actions – so we can take what we have learned and integrate it into our lives outside the event.

If this is something you are looking for, please free to send me your event inputs