Your Learning Experience

Some Reasons To Work Together

01. You’re looking for more effective and experiental training

Content and delivery are higly customized to the participants needs, their current skills levels, learning style and pace.

02. You care about learning experience of every participant

Connected to real-world situations and immediately applicable. Learning on concrete on job challenges.

03. You understand the importance of continous learning

We provide ongoing support after a learning session via a combination of emails, instant messaging and peer group learning.

What is my field of expertise? 

10+ years of experience with a group, event, and workshop facilitations taught me to listen deeply and discover learning and collaboration challenges within the organization. With these inputs, I can design innovative learning, training, and event experiences. I approach new projects with courage and significant curiosity on how we can take learning to a new level and make it more transformational. My motto is Learn to Grow.

Some of the Clients I Worked With

How can I support you?

Learning Experience Design & Implementation

In the fast-paced and uncertain world, agile and practical learning is the key to personal and group effectiveness, resilience, and collaboration. To effectively learn, we need to move from a training mindset to a continuous learning culture. This kind of Learning transformation can drive behavior change.
As a Learning Designer, I focus on achieving your organizational learning goals through a learner-centered design.

Training and development

I passionately believe in experiential learning. I design, deliver, and co-deliver training where learning comes through experience and practice, in a supportive yet challenging environment, with clear, honest, insightful, and specific feedback. My content expertise lies in: Team communication and collaboration, habit and behavior change, Learning, Resilience. I can deliver stand-alone training or as a part of a longer learning process.

Group and Event Facilitation

As a facilitator, I bring well-crafted participatory design and professional facilitation flow to conferences and group processes. My goal is to be a trustworthy host who helps groups, organizations, and communities reach their goals effectively and collaboratively. I specialize in collaborative team process and facilitation (how to bring together a team), Large group facilitation (participatory conferences, events) and communication and dialogue workshops (how to talk, listen and lead for better collaboration). My facilitator’s work range from facilitation Hybrid online conferences to facilitating closed support groups.

What Others Said About Me

Matej conducted series of leadership&communication workshops in our company. It was a pleasure working with him because of the many skills he possesses. I would especially like to recommend him due to his cooperative attitude. He was willing to include us in all the phases of content preparation. After every workshop, he was open to feedback and prepared for the next one with taking feedback into account and therefore improve our experience.
Janja Hren

Education&Training Manager, Cosylab d.d.

Matej is an exceptional event facilitator: he has certainly been blessed with the talent. He approaches event facilitation with sincere interest and in a holistic manner. Working with him, the organizer can see him co-create the event. This is not only due to his excellent and professional preparation: he is also quick on his feet at the event itself, making spontaneous occurrences part of the programme. He does all this with ample positive energy, which reaches out to the participants. Highly recommended!
Anisa Faganelj

Head of the Zlata nit (Golden Thread) media research project, Dnevnik & Mediade

Matej Delakorda has something else. All of us know how it feels on a good day – everything goes smoothly, we know exactly what to say, to whom and in what tone, we are sharp, quick, funny, engaging, we own the room. Yes – and that is a rarity, right. But with Matej – that is what he delivers each time on stage, no exceptions. You can count on that. In complex situations with multiple tasks over long periods, he will maintain the energy level. When powerful authorities are involved on stage, like established world renown speakers or billionaires sharing their experiences, he will shine with warm confidence and well-balanced respect at the same time. In very simple situations he will fill the stage and create an experience in incredible ways. I have been working with Matej on a regular basis for more than a year, delivering at least one event every week. He really has that something else, besides all the needed skills and expertise.
Eldina Domazet

Communication Manager, CEED Slovenija

I love to work with Matej, as he is an extremely emphatic person and a very resourceful and supportive trainer. It is interesting to discover new topics with him as he can easily connect theory with practice.

Julija Šifrer

Trainer and Coach, Grow Adriatik