WORKSHOP: How to talk to you team in CHALLENGING times?

Even though the situation is fast-moving and you don’t have perfect information, you need to be honest about what you know. Your first task is transparency, explain to your team: “here’s what we do know, here’s what we don’t know, and this is what we are doing to close that gap.”

Your second task is to “articulate a sense of possibility and hope.” Accomplishing both of these tasks, however, is no easy feat.

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  1. Transparency
  2. Active listening
  3. Hope

“Regardless everything you know about communication, you need to be in constant communication with your team.  In uncertain times more then ever”

When a crisis hit your organization, it disrupts the business-as-usual workflow and culture. Suddenly everything changes are we are all faced with the unknown. Leaders and managers are asking themselves: “how do people feel, what should we communicate, how to communicate, what goals and actions steps are realistic to take?”

What we have learned from previous crises is that people feel scared and worried. Uncertainty triggers fear, people are wondering, “What does this mean for my company, my job, and my future?”