Training and development

While working as a trainer and a facilitator, some topics called me more than others. I explore them continuously; I feel the passion for them; I practice them. These are also the topics I am most eager to talk about and design training, workshops, and lectures from.

Team Communication and Collaboration




Habit and Behavior Change


Learning how to Learn


Customized training, workshops and lectures


  • Confidence and compassion to work well with groups
  • Ability to harness the wisdom of the group, maximizing participation
  • Capacity to create groupness and psychological safety
  • Emotional resilience to address the problematic discussions
  • Skills to make meetings work well
  • Ability to manage hotspots and tricky bits

Good facilitation helps a group achieve its purpose by hearing each other, coming to understandings, pooling its wisdom and making wise decisions.

Group dialogue as new leadership paradigm

Group discussions and dialogues are also an excellent way to practice new leadership paradigms – being a host, rather than a leader who knows and provides all the answers. A good leader finds a purpose to connect people, invites those who could contribute and benefit from the discussion, creates a welcoming space, and then joins the conversation. It is a way to practice the “hero to host” shift.

If you are looking for ways to support your group processes and see value in doing so, feel free to contact me.