Yin and Yang of Vulnerability

This public event was part of the event series hosted by ENVIR.SI, a platform for Accelerating Conscious Creation. It was dedicated to the topic of Vulnerability from women’s and men’s perspectives. Together with Tjaši Artnik Knibbe ­­– Sarabraj, the author of the book Ranljiva (Vulnerable), we discussed our experiences of and insights into what it means to be truly Vulnerable as a man and a woman.



Envir, pospeševalnik zavestnega kreiranja




Men’s groups


I was a guest speaker at the event.

Learning points:

  • When masculine and feminine energies are evoked in our bodies, a beautiful dance and cooperation between them can emerge.
  • The vulnerability of men is still perceived as a weakness by most  people.
  • Sharing authenticity and vulnerability has healing powers.