The Men’s Groups project aims to create a safe space for men to meet and authentically share their stories and the challenges that surround the experience of being a man. It is a sacred space where man’s tribal power meets man’s vulnerability. The purpose of the project is to train new leaders and facilitators for different men’s groups, so men across the country have the ability and skillset to meet, share and grow together. It is a truly special type of work which is difficult to describe in words; it simply has to be experienced.


2015 –

Men’s groups


Being a man in today’s world is challenging.

Learning points:

  • To grow up as a man, it is essential to redefine one’s relationship with your mother.
  • Being too nice can be a huge trap and bring a lot of pain to a man (or a woman).
  • Exploring yourself as a man means journeying into your body.
  • There is no real definition what a real man (or woman) is. Both genders have masculine and feminine energies and our task is to cultivate the virtues of both.