WebCamp Ljubljana

Sporadic events for web builders, application developers and power users. They are community-organized and community-powered, with diverse experts from a variety of fields coming together and sharing their knowledge.
I held two leadership workshops at Webcamp at WebCamp Ljubljana 2017:

  • Leadership without a title

Old-model (i.e. hierarchical) leadership is dying. The new model (leadership 2.0) is about every single stakeholder showing leadership in the work they do. Every single person who works within a business owns the responsibility of showing leadership at their craft. Every team member is the CEO of their own small business unit called their job or project. Leading without a title basically means one needs no title to be a leader in one’s life or business. Five basic elements of leadership rebooted / leadership 2.0 were presented.

  • Personal mastery

Outer excellence begins with personal leadership in four interior arenas of one’s life: one’s healthset (sleep, nutrition, exercise for energy boosting), one’s mindset (the way of thinking, the psychology of possibility vs. victim mentality), one’s heartset (compassion, vulnerability, the courage to be authentic) and one’s soulset (doing the deep interior work required to nourish one’s spirit). A superb mindset without an elevated heartset is a hollow victory. One needs all the four interior arenas operating at world-class level to bring one’s brightest shine into the world.



WebCamp Ljubljana






Learning points:

  • Leadership talks and workshops are useful for everyone. The importance of leading oneself first needs to be highlighted as people can easily relate to it.
  • Ledearship is about setting an example and living it. The easiest way (or the hardest for some) is to follow one’s own daily rituals with integrity.
  • The concepts, ideas and practices of leadership change in the course of time. What worked in the past is not necessarily as effective nowadays. Thus, leadership also stands for flexibility and adaptation.