Studio 12

I was editor-in-chief and a TV host of Studio 12, an independent multimedia project aiming to create and promote educational video content. The purpose of the project was to raise the awareness and life quality of our viewers. I was mainly involved with producing TV shows on social impact and personal development.



2008 – 2015

Facilitation (TV show hosting)


As a co-founder, I was fully driven by the mission and purpose of the project for 7 years.

Learning points:

  • Even if the project has the best intentions and good support of the environment, it still has to be based on sustainable business foundations.
  • Sometimes being the first or the quickest isn’t the best way. We were far ahead of the mainstream media content-wise, but had a lot of technological challenges sustaining the platform. This was long before YouTube times as well!
  • Being in front of the video camera is challenging since you have no real audience in front of you to feel their energy. You have to rely on yourself and your guest to generate the best possible content for the viewers.
  • Active listening and good summarizing skills are a must when hosting TV shows.