Strengthening entrepreneurial skills and promoting flexible transitions between education and the local environment AT primary schools
  • Co-creating the methodology of entrepreneurial skill teaching at primary schools and providing guidelines for the train-the-trainers programme (involving teachers, principals, and experts).
  • Mentoring some of the schools and making connections with the local environment (entrepreneurs and leaders) to help transform these schools into learning centres for their local communities.

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia

2017 – 2022



My responsibility is project management for CEED and working with the mentors who will carry out the train-the-trainers programme (i.e. support the school teachers in adopting the entrepreneurial mindset).

Learning points:

  • Bigger projects have a bigger impact but are harder to control and less flexible.
  • Schools generally require ample discussion and sharing before they are ready to accept new concepts and ideas.
  • One never runs out of new things to learn.