Made with Y

Made with Y is a tailor-made programme for creating and empowering young professionals on their path to lasting employment.
The main goal of the project is to effectively solve the issue of youth unemployment through (1) the implementation of innovative approaches in youth work, (2) the promotion of the entrepreneurial mindset,  and (3) the furthering of proactivity, active citizenship and ‘can-do’ attitude.

Project activities:

  • youth training,
  • employer mentoring,
  • personal matching of the youth with the employers,
  • connecting the youth and the employers to the national support mechanism for long-term employment,
  • the facilitation and mentoring of the entire process and both target groups.



Made with Y


2016 – 2018




I was a leading facilitator and career coach for the participants of the project.

Learning points:

  • The challenges young people face when looking for employment are twofold: 1) they don’t know what they want in life, and 2) they are not effective in reaching their goals for lacking the structures and mindset that would help them.
  • Young people have so much untapped potential. Our job is to awaken it and let it thrive.
  • The biggest obstacle preventing young people from getting what they want is usually some limiting belief they have about themselves.