CEED group leader

CEED’s mission is to improve lives and communities through entrepreneur-led development. CEED strives for a world where entrepreneurs have access to the necessary tools and support to be able to spur innovation, create jobs, and build thriving economies. It drives economic growth by developing, connecting and mentoring entrepreneurs to strengthen their businesses so they can create jobs and accelerate economic prosperity. Building a community of entrepreneurs is paramount in our approach.


CEED – Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development


2015 – 2017




I was a group leader for CEED Slovenia, which means the facilitation of peer groups of entrepreneurs.

Learning points:

  • Entrepreneurs are higly pro-active and solution-oriented people.
  • Entrepreneurs strive for practical solutions and how-to’s.
  • The ‘fake it until you make it’ approach doesn’t apply to entrepreneurship; here, you have to work until you make it. 🙂
  • Entrepreneurs cherish each other’s experiences and like learning from one another.