Bonus of excellence

BONUS OF EXCELLENCE (Boniteta odličnosti) is a project evaluating and nominating the Slovenian companies that achieve above-average success in their business operations and thus significantly contribute to the excellence of the Slovenian business environment. The project organizes yearly events for the nominees, featuring inspirational talks.

As a conference partner (CEED Slovenia), I was selected to deliver the closing speech, entitled “The Mission of the Best”/”Poslanstvo odličnih”.


Bisnode Slovenia






Learning points:

  • A powerful speech can start with a moment of silence and a strong statement rather than the proverbial “Hi, my name is…” formulation.
  • No matter what the audience, they  will love a good story and an authentic sharing of somebody’s life experience.
  • When talking, we should involve our emotions; people can align more with what we have to say.
  • One has to walk the walk in order to achieve a true audience impact.