Tango can teach us resilience in the periods of change, trust, leadership, communication, and many more. All of that, using the vital form of communication: our body language.

What is embodied learning?

Embodied learning is an educational method that uses body intelligence to enhance the intellectual way of teaching. By making it physical, the teaching material becomes more interesting, and our brains become more relaxed. As a result of relaxation, we produce theta waves. When memory-related neurons are well coordinated to theta waves during the learning process, our memories are stronger.

Why Tango?

Tango is a dance of improvisation, with a strong desire to listen to, understand and converse with the person you’re dancing with, through the body language. To be able to improvise, one needs to learn not just how to listen in an active way, but also how to respond in a clear way.

Tango is also full of uncertainties, just like a business… and life.
By going through that process of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, tango helps us enhance resilience in the periods of change.


If you are not sure what your employees think about tango, feel free to invite us for a 45-minutes long demo, and find out right away.
To schedule a free demo with us, please email us and we will send you available time slots.


Tango workshops are ideal for the team-buildings, conferences or similar events.
During 2-hours long session, we can explore one of the topics and help teams and individuals transform their communication through fun and playful experience.


Tango programs can last between one week and one month, with the dynamics from 1 workshop to 2 workshops per week. All tango programs include basic communication principles, while the main topic can be chosen depending on the needs of the client.
The ideal group for tango program is 20 attendees or 10 couples. It doesn’t matter if the couples are not mixed, same-gender couples work as great as mixed.


I’m so grateful that I’ve met Matej Delakorda and Jelena Vukosavljevic a few months ago. They are amazing people, incredible dancers and brilliant teachers.

For many years I’ve been dreaming about dancing tango with the man I love.

Years ago before we had kids we tried but it was not the right thing for us.
We stopped.
But we didn’t stop dreaming about it.
I participated in a Dance into Leadership training for Facilitators (What Argentinian Tango can Teach Us About Leadership). I immediately got hooked 🙂 I knew this is the real thing I’ve been dreaming about.
Simon was happy to join me and try it out right away.

After several months of training, we’ve learned and grown so much! As we dance we are so much more connected.
Not only with each other, but also within ourselves. Aligned, in balance, present, stable, calm, in flow …

I feel blessed to have found yet another way and practice to connect with my deeper essence and enjoy the flow of being who I am while respectfully and playfully communicating with the person I dance with. Incredible experience. Looking forward to more

Simon Frumen


Celoten dogodek »Podelitev priznanj uporabnikom modela CAF in diplom prijaviteljem CAF EPI«  je na zanimiv nov način povezoval moderator Matej Delakorda, ki je s soplesalko skozi plesne točke argentinskega tanga prikazal osem načel odličnosti, kot tudi stopnje uvajanja modela CAF v organ – od začetnika, preko uporabnika, do stopnje, kjer organ »svojo podobo na ogled postavi«.

Urad za razvoj, center za kakovost

Ministrstvo za javno upravo RS Slovenija

Tango clearly showed me which situations are comfortable and uncofortable for me. I found a motivation to work on them and transform them through dance.

The Slovenian association of facilitators

Tango taught me how to find my ground and presence as a leader – amidst thousands of thoughts I have during the day.

The Slovenian association of facilitators