What I can do and why

I am a sociologist with an additional 10 years of education in personal development, communication and leadership. This eventful journey has led me to work as a trainer, group leader and facilitator who deeply believes that internal (personal) leadership can bring about key changes in society. I love what I do – it inspires but also challenges me on a daily basis. As a coach and group leader, I want to ‘walk the walk’ – fight my inner battles first and, after learning something from them, do my best to listen and share my experiences with the individuals and groups that I work with.

I enjoy epic, inspirational and uplifting movies, music and books. The authentic and vulnerable aspects of ‘the human story’ can certainly make me cry.

At the most basic, archetypal level, my own personal epic mission would be to support Life. I know this probably sounds cheesy but after lots of thinking, meditation and personal development processes, this ‘mission’ just keeps popping up – so, there we have it: I support life by working with groups and helping them unleash their potential.


My favourite method for making this happen is creating a safe space based on vulnerability and openness. Then, magical things start to happen: when individuals in the group start to own and accept their ‘shadows’, others are encouraged to do the same. This can lead to stronger bonding, healing and a higher level of group consciousness – for me, one of the most beautiful experiences ever.

What else… my free time? This category hardly exists in my life. I dance Argentine tango, co-facilitate men’s groups, practice martial arts, work out and listen to audio books. I also enjoy deep talks with friends and colleagues – generally about life, human potential and its social impact.

Fear does not discriminate… How do we make fear our advantage? Mould it into courage. Then, it can become our greatest weapon.


(The Admiral: Roaring Currents)



Leading oneself, setting an example, leading others

Leadership is the cornerstone of my being. I constantly try to grow by reflecting on how I can lead myself better and what kind of example / leader I can be for those around me. I also work as a consultant and a coach for Grow Adriatik – an associated partner of Krauthammer, one of the leading global companies for human capital development. As a trainer, I am responsible for the delivery of the Leadership in Action modules, following the two main principles of Krauthammer: Bringing out the best in people … with an extra (s)mile from within and … the (he)art of engagement.


Inviting people to see, accept and own their inner strengths and shadows

As a trainer and coach, I run workshops on communication, group dynamics, leadership and effectiveness for a variety of target groups: youth, entrepreneurs and employees. When one taps into group potential and unleashes it, the impact on the group and the individual is much stronger. Bringing people together with a common goal and having them say yes to their potential is a deeply rewarding experience for me.


Bringing impact, dynamic and meaningful interactions to events

I facilitate educational and entrepreneurial events that I believe can have a social impact. This includes board meetings, discussion panels, talks with business leaders in the community, national conferences and TEDx(-like) events. My goal is to bring a fresh, collaborative and constructive energy to events and engage the audience to the highest degree in order to bring out the best in them. People describe my facilitation as energetic, charismatic and highly interactive.


Exploring new frontiers in educational paradigms and practices

When I was younger, I thought I would be a teacher in the public education system. For me, being a teacher is one of the most responsible callings one can have. One of my favourite quotes about teaching is by William Arthur Ward: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” I graduated with a degree in the Sociology of Education and was nominated for the National Bachelor Award. After graduation, I started working in an entirely different field, but after ten years, Education found me once again. I am currently involved with one of the biggest national education projects: I support primary school teachers in adopting the entrepreneurial mindset (proactivity, self-confidence, collaboration) and passing it onto their students. I guess you cannot really avoid things that are meant for you.


Co-creating and sharing an authentic space for men to express themselves and grow together

I was introduced to men’s support groups in 2014 and loved it. The challenges, strengths, vulnerabilities and authentic sharing of men had a strong impact on me. They also became a mirror of how I perceived myself as a man. I felt at home, as a part of a tribe where I could share my deepest shadows and celebrate my life’s achievements with other men. Since then, I have been attending men’s workshops Europe-wide and co-facilitating men’s support group projects in Slovenia. With my friend Borut, I run a project entitled www.moske-skupine.si. Please click on the link for more about the topic.


Exploring the connection and communication in the embrace

To set the record straight: I did not find tango. It actually found me and took me on a physical, emotional and spiritual rollercoaster ride. It evolved from a purely innocent social dance into a love story, leading to many deep connections mixed with moments of grief. It led me to a new understanding of the relationship between men and women as well as of the energy dynamics between gender, leadership and interpersonal connections. Eventually, I found my own dancing style, connection and respect of the energy on the dance floor. Ever since, Argentine tango has been a never-ending exploration and a personal journey for me. It has proved a great teacher of physical awareness. I enjoy the exploration of the dancing body and its connection with a partner. These are moments that only a dancer can truly understand – both partners connected in the present moment and embracing the special bond that is created. I only have one word for it: beautiful.