the person behind the opinion maker

Your focus determines your reality.
(Qui-Gon Jinn,
Star Wars Episode I)


My good friend often says: “Matej, you really care about people,” and this is absolutely true. Regardless of all the cruel, damaging and unhealthy behaviours we practice towards each other and our planet, I still believe that we have an enormous potential to transform and make our world a better place to live in.

I would describe myself as a trainer (group coach) first and foremost. My passion is working with groups of people and dealing with their ‘baggage’, i.e. lingering pain, limiting beliefs and untapped potential. To be able to do that, I of course have to deal with my own ‘baggage’ first, and there is always something to deal with.

I have a holistic approach to life (as a unity of the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual).

  • Ideology: I believe in people. Everybody can give so much when breaking free from personal pain.
  • Favourite growth methods: practicing vulnerability and authentic sharing. Delving within to explore my own patterns, blockages and evolutionary potential.
  • Favourite shape: the circle – an ancient symbol of group work
  • Favourite colour: green – the colour of nature (Mother Earth), blue – the colour of the sky (Father Sky) and the ocean
  • My mission: to protect and support life by encouraging authenticity and vulnerability in group environment
  • My ‘Shadows’ and things I consciously avoid: falseness, trying to look good in order to impress / gain approval, putting oneself above others, victim mentality
SOME fun facts about myself
There are two people named Matej Delakorda in Slovenia, both of similar age and born in the same city. This has lead to endless funny stories, misunderstandings and various challenges.
Before the popularity of drones, I shot an aerial video of Ljubljana from a helicopter. The door was open the entire time to get a better shot.
I practiced basketball in high school. My coach told me to make up my mind: professional basketball or college. I chose college and starting doing yoga instead.
I am a vegetarian even though my father has worked in the meat industry his entire life. I have four reasons why I am this way. You can ask me about them when we meet.
I see food as an important staple for a healthy body, but am not a gourmet by nature. This saves me quite a bit of money, I think.
For some strange (perhaps genetic) reason, I don’t seem to have as much stage fright as other people.
As a facilitator, I am able to make a succinct summary after a lengthy discussion of numerous parties. A useful skill for anyone in company, especially with female friends.
During my years in college (Faculty of Social Sciences), I also attended so-called Spiritual University (a 6-year programme based on personal development and meditation) and volunteered at the biggest hacklab in Ljubljana.
I believe in people and humanity regardless of our stupidity, egoism and violent behaviour toward ourselves and nature.
I started attending Argentine tango lessons not because of the sensual hype surrounding it, but because of a friend offering me gluten-free pizzas if I joined. I guess a man’s love does go through his stomach.
The prospect of being hit does not intimidate me. I get hit all the time at martial arts practice; I’ve got used to it.