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We are your partner on your way towards effective organizational change. Our consulting, coaching and training enables you to find solutions to evolve your full potential.

Do you believe in perfect organizations? Well, we don’t. We do believe, however, that a highly effective organization is a source of competitive advantage. Our work is based on the premise that organizations are dynamic systems, with people as their most important element. We focus on your people and their behaviour: individual performance has never been more crucial to corporate growth. Without the passion, power and perseverance of their people, companies lose their main drivers.

Our areas of expertise are those of coaching, consulting and training. Our vision is to bring out the best in people and boost their perfomance by challenging their behaviour. We work on people’s mindsets, skillsets and toolsets, making sure that the improved behaviour leads to improved, lasting results for your organization.

GROW Group
As a specialist service provider in the field of organizational development with a diverse and international background, the GROW Group offers integrated solutions to facilitate its business partners’​ growth. We pride ourselves on:

  • more than 20 experienced and qualified Trainers and Consultants: senior colleagues with leadership experience, a wide range of methodologies and scientific background,
  • innovative, inspiring, custom-made and flexible solutions integrating a number of human development methodologies,
  • references from multinational companies in a variety of business domains (Bayer, GE, Ford, UPC, IBM, Magyar Telekom etc.),
  • 20 years of success in organization and human development,
  • Business Superbrands Award (2009), Partner of the Year Award, The Best OD Project Award (2012).



Krauthammer / Grow Group






I am a consultant, facilitator and trainer for Grow Adriatik d.o.o., an associated partner of Krauthammer.

Learning points:

  • We learn the most from examples we can see and feel. This makes roleplay a useful learning tool.
  • Challenging people’s behaviour is easy. Changing people’s mindsets, skillsets and toolsets is much harder, but by no means impossible.
  • Having said that, there is actually not much needeed to change somebody’s mindset – just the right challenge for that person to step up to. Active listening, empathy and acknowledgment are the key skills in establishing what that challenge might be.